Who is InplayMan?

If you're on Twitter then you'll know exactly who I am. But if you don't I'll explain.  I'm just a bloke who tips football bets really.  I won't feed you any bullshit, I'll probably lay into you if you're acting like an idiot and I'll more than likely win you some money.  I specialise in Inplay football bets but also tip a few pre-game selections along the way.


Want to find out more?  Here's an interview I did with Betting Lounge



Where can I find your tips then?

To follow my Inplay bets you'll need to follow me on Twitter as that's the only place they are posted. If you don't have a Twitter account then join the 21st century and get one you fool.  All of the pre-game daily selections will be posted here on site as well as on Twitter.



What makes you different from the other 1,678,943 tipsters?
Great question, I'm glad you asked. Firstly, I've been doing this for 10 years now through various projects.  I'm not here to make a quick buck and I have extensive knowledge of leagues across the world. I'm not going to tip 30 bets a day from Lithuania to Hong Kong, I do my fair share of research and know which leagues are reliable and which aren't.  And, I won't feed you any bullshit. Ask me a question and I'll either be honest with you or take the piss.