The #IPMBetBible is your complete betting guide every weekend.  It takes the stats of every single fixture so far this season in Europe's top 24 leagues, combines them and automatically calculates the best bets for the weekend in various betting areas.  Each week I'm making improvements to the pack based on your suggestions and it's getting ever closer to a full version but the more tweaks I make the more it can improve and there's a host of new features every week

As I always say, this is completely free and it always will be.  If you feel the work I put into this is worth some cash, or it helps you make some money this weekend, I don't ask you to pay me, just help those in need by donating to a worthy charity. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE


- The home stats for the home team are combined with the away stats for the away team and through a series of calculations a rank is produced for each fixture, these are the top 10 in each of those areas

- Goals means goals, I don't know what line it means, it just means goals.  I can't get it to automatically know what line the bookies will put out but the top ranked Goals fixture is probably worth a shot at 2.5 if the price is right. I can't really do much more than that for you.

- The new version of the sheet shows the TOP and BOTTOM ranked fixtures for each betting area. Those in green are the top 10, those in red are the bottom 10. This allows you to bet OVER or UNDER depending on your preference

Full Pack

(25/05 to 27/05)


Top 10 Bets