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Here at InplayMan, we like to reward our loyal customers and those who stick by us. We've got some great partners who help us to do that and we've included some of their great products below. Premium members can also access exclusive discounts. Simply click "Read More" on each of our partners below to claim your exclusive InplayMan Premium discount (Login required).

NOTE: We at InplayMan earn nothing from these partners for you taking advantage of their services. Whatever discounts these partners pass onto us, are passed onto you


Calcio Kits

Premium members can claim 15% off your first shirt ordered from Calcio Kits' wide range of legitimate, genuine football shirts from all over the world


Campbells Coffee

Premium members can claim 10% of all orders on Campbells Coffees stunning range of fresh coffee



Premium members can claim 15% of your first month with OddAlerts - offering powerful betting stats, insights and alerts and used by us to power our beloved Betty


TV Packages

Premium members can claim up to 20% off subscriptions - get more information by clicking Read More

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