20 Annoying Things About Being a Tipster on Twitter

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I'm sure there's loads of you who are about to read this who are tipsters yourselves and know exactly what's coming. For those of you who aren't, let me enlighten you into the world of being a tipster in the world of Twitter with my 20 annoying things about being a tipster...

1) The 20-30 tweets and DM's you receive every day from blokes like John in Hull who have started their own Twitter tipster page and want you to tell the world, not realising that if you did this for everyone who asked, it would be a full time job

2) STUPID QUESTIONS - sure, not everyone knows the teams in the Norwegian 3rd tier but questions like "Where is Cairo?" just deserve a slap

3) When you say "Bet on Team X, they play in league Z" and someone says "What league do they play in?"

4) When you tip 10 winners in a row, then the 11th bet loses and you get called all the names under the sun

5) When you tip a bet, it loses, then some smug person replies saying they decided to bet on something else in the same game and won, as if that helps in any way!

6) When you've done all your research and then get slated by someone cus he's got a cousin who plays for that team and he knows that the club mascot poisoned the whole team with uncooked fish

7) When you put a single tip up, and someone replies saying "What do you think of this 10-fold", as if you've actually got time to research all 10 for them

8) When you get a tweet from Okawinde in Nigeria asking for a "guaranteed winner"

9) When people reply to you using only ??? as if you're supposed to understand what their question is

10) Attempting to explain an Asian Handicap in 140 characters

11) When someone asks you to explain something like "the impact of foreign footballers in the Premier League" and you only have 140 characters

12) When you tip a winner and someone's only reply is "next"

13) When someone says something like "what do you think of over 8.5 first half goals in the Singaporean game?"

14) When you tip a bet, it wins 14 minutes later, then someone says "Never had chance to get on"

15) When someone says "can't find the game anywhere", even though you know it's there because you're watching it and really they just can't be arsed to look properly

16) When someone asks for tips on a sport like curling that you have absolutely no idea about

17) When someone asks you why Bet365 haven't settled their bet, as if you work for them or have access to their internal systems

18) "Are you sure this is going to win?" - no mate, I tip it because I think it's going to lose for a laugh

19) When you repeat the word "staking plan" 300 times a week and then Dave from Colchester blows his load on one tip that loses and blames you

20) When there's still 20 minutes to go in a game and someone says "not looking good" or "write this one off as a loss". Or when you back Both Teams to Score and it's 0-0 at half time and people say "this is down" as if both teams have never scored in the 2nd half of a game before!

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