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Updated: May 30, 2022

If I had a pound for every time I heard a sob story about someone being unlucky when it comes to betting then I'd probably be the luckiest man alive, and a rich man. If we're winning it's always "I never got on any of them, I'm so unlucky" and if we hit a few losses it's always "Sorry, it was me, I cursed it". Literally every day of my life I shake my head at the tweets that I receive and the whole perception of luck is something that always amazes me.

What you have to consider is that "luck" as it's perceived in betting means absolutely nothing. Just think about what you're actually saying. When you say a bet lost "because you're unlucky" you're saying that a Swedish Division 2 side didn't score because they somehow knew you had a bet on them and they don't like you....seriously? When you think about it logically it sounds completely ridiculous does it not? Luck is just a perception, and until you change your own perception of your luck you'll just carry on believing that you're unlucky.

The problem is not that every bet that you get on is a loser, it's that you miss or fail to count the winners because of your own perception of luck. Many studies over the years have proven that people who perceive themselves to be "unlucky" are just missing opportunities because of their own mind. If I put a big sign behind a bar saying free pints for everyone if you read this, a person who deems themselves to be unlucky would not see it, that's the simplest way to put things.

So how does this apply to betting I hear you ask? Well it does in many forms but it depends on the way that you see things. Put a positive spin on it...

You lose 2 in a row...well at least you haven't lost 3

You lose a bet...well win the next one then

You backed BTTS instead of Over 2.5 and it finished 4-0...well you know for next time

You missed 6 winners in a row...well don't worry, there will be a 7th

It's all about how you perceive luck and opportunities, and if you're just going to be negative for the rest of your life, you're not going to get anywhere trust me. Do you think entrepreneurs like Richard Branson sit there thinking "no this won't work / this will fail / I'm so unlucky". No, they seize the opportunity and go for it. Wake up knowing you're going to win today, and if you don't there's always tomorrow. Bet on something believing it will land, and if it doesn't then the next one will. You've got a staking plan, and you're only betting what you can afford right? And if you lose all the money in your betting account, you've still got some in the bank, you've still got your family, friends, kids, work, hobbies, LIFE. You're lucky to have all of that, and until you see it you'll always be perceiving that you're an unlucky person who does nothing but lose.

The truth is that a hell of a lot of betting is to do with psychology and you'll never truly be a successful gambler unless you actually believe that you will be and make decisions on the back of that. If you're interested in learning more then I highly suggest reading a book called "Thinking, Fast & Slow" by Daniel Kahneman (available on Amazon HERE). It goes into much more detail than I have here about the whole psychology of decision making and can be used to revolutionise the way you gamble.

Hopefully this helps some of you "unlucky" people out there.


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