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Betting Tools: Our Top Betting Resources

Updated: May 30, 2022

We must get asked on a daily basis, "what app is that?", "where did you get this?" or "if you could be any animal, what animal would you be". We generally ignore the last question (though it's definitely a Kangaroo), but for the others, we thought we'd knock together a little blog post to give you some of our best betting resources, because, you know, we're nice like that. We've made a little summary of each tool below including what they're useful for and not so useful for. Hope it helps!


A simple to use app and website that allows the quick checking of recent results and form, Flashscore is a staple part of any punters' resources. It's got a slick mobile site meaning you can head to any fixture on any day and have a quick look how they've been performing lately. It's also got H2H history between the two sides in question, league standings, home and away form and loads more. When you're inplay, you've got notifications, inplay stats, lineups and loads more info. Overall it's a very solid, free, app that is a must have for anyone


An app that we came across a few months ago and have been MASSIVELY impressed with. This is for some real in depth betting to be honest but is one hell of a tool and well worth the subscription fee if you want to get into betting a bit more. Inplay data, filterable by time is a huge bonus as it essentially gives you a customisable Rball to see who is on top in a game. Lineups, goal times, goal stats, card stats, corner stats, it can literally do it all. They have an alert system which once you're set up with is amazing. You can set alerts for things like a favourite losing, a certain line becoming available, or certain stats triggering. For example, we have an alert set up for when a game hits 75 minutes and the %'s of both sides indicate a late goal. A highly recommended app and website for those who are seriously into their betting.

If you want easy to read stats to compare a load of top flight games then this is the site for you. The streaks Adam also puts up are cracking on a day to day basis to give you an idea for a few bets, but you can compare any teams in the top leagues for goals, halves, corners, cards and more in a really easy to read format. It's a great tool for knocking an acca together if that's your bag but is also one of the best sites out there for seeing how many times, for example, Getafe have had 20+ team booking points at home this season compared with whoever they are playing.


InplayMan Premium takes the hard work out of betting for you. In depth, researched tips, every day with stat packs and stats for the big games as well as a dedicated customer support line and the ability to request research on any bets you want us to look into? Want to find out more? Check out InplayMan Premium here

Whoscored was well ahead of it's time really. It's been around for years now and is a site I've often used for previews of big games, but it's popularity has flourished in recent years due to the addition of team props and player props markets. If you want to know shots, tackles, cards, fouls, shot accuracy, dribbles...any individual player prop or team prop stat, then this site is a must have. Honestly, you can get into to some absolute rabbit holes around whoscored at times and before you know it you're looking at how many times a sub for Genoa has touched the ball in his last 5 games before you have to calm yourself down. For things like player shots and team shots bets though, there's nothing out there that comes anywhere close to whoscored.

For those of you who like to base your bets on stats, prepare to have a little tingle in your gooch as this is a fantastic site if you like that sort of stuff. It's mainly goals based to be honest and doesn't do anything on corners and cards, but it's got 150 leagues on there, team comparisons and goal stats in every shape and size. Whether you want to know if a team takes the lead often and loses their heads, what time in the game the majority of their goals are scored or how often over 2.5 / btts / over 0.5 1st half has landed for them this season, then look no further as this site has got some serious statistics on it. I know it looks a bit "Windows 95" but have a play with it if you like stats and you will soon forget about the user interface.


Soccerway has to be one the sites I use the most and yet it's easily the most frustrating too. In terms of checking results, form, head to heads, ref stats, cards and more it's pretty decent as it just gives you everything on face value. It goes to the really low leagues like the Finland Kolmonen which places like Flashscore don't and it's also got a great feature in that you can see the squads for each team and see how often certain players have appeared or scored. The problem with Soccerway is the fact that it's shockingly bad on mobile. They didn't change their site for about 10 years and it needed an update, but every time they try and fix it, they break it. So don't be surprised if you find dead links and stuff like that because they've got literally zero awareness on what people use the site for, but the stuff you can get onto is amazingly detailed


A site I used years ago but have fallen in love with again recently, I mainly use it for referees but it's also great for transfer stuff, particularly at the beginning of the season. Some useful aspects are being able to look at teams based on their net worth of their squad, and drill into those teams to see important departures and arrivals. You can also drill into individual players and see some useful stats on their goalscoring in their career. One aspect I use quite a bit is looking at referee stats by league. It gives you all the yellows, reds and pens for every ref who has reffed in a certain league which nowhere else does. This means you can see if 6.0 cards per game is above or below average for the league for example, and it's one of the few places you can see how many penalties a ref hands out which is extremely useful given how this is a market that most bookies are offering now.

Odd Alerts

One of the best sites we've come across, not only for stats in recent years, but also for the service that is provided. As a free member you still have plenty of access to stuff, but sign up to the Pro and you can get inplay alerts delivered when certain filters that you create produce fixtures matching those odds. So for example, you can build a filter that shows all the best games for a first half goal throughout the day, and when those games hit a certain price (again, which you can set) you can get an alert delivered on Telegram telling you that it's there. A great lad who has made it who is constantly striving to improve the service as well and it really is well worth giving it a try!

Are we missing a website? Know somewhere with great stats that we haven't heard of? Get in touch and we will have a look over it and potentially add it to our list of great tools. Contact us:

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