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Both Teams to Score Advice

One of my favourite markets to have a little bet on ever since the early days of Betfred's in-shop Goals Galore Coupon (christ, showing my age) has been both teams to score, so I thought I'd write a little guide of how I personally go about finding juicy BTTS selections with the hope that it helps you.

Now I generally categorise BTTS bets into two sections, there's the one's that basically look unreal on paper, and the odds generally reflect that. And there are the others which take a little bit of common sense and are generally better odds as a result of that.

Step 1 - Goals For this bet to land, you're going to need goals right? So that's the best place to start. I generally use home and away form for most of my analysis, as for me in the vast majority of countries it has a significant impact on a teams form. You don't have to use this at all, you can use overall form. But the first thing I like to look at is a teams ability to score goals and concede goals at home or away respectively. For me, there are always false positives by looking at just one or the other. Man City might generally score in every home game and Liverpool might generally score in every away game, so just looking at the fact that they have scored in 100% at home and 100% away for example wouldn't quite be enough for me. What I'm looking for is generally scoring and conceding on a pretty regular basis to start things off, but it's not the be all and end all, don't worry.

Step 2 - Form This is a key one for me and that's looking over just their last few games and taking those into consideration. Generally, a team could have been class for a BTTS bet this season, but if their last two games have ended goalless, I'll be autotmatically swerving it. In the same respect, if a team hasn't scored in 2 or 3 games there could be other factors at play there and I might stay away, but either way I'm adding results in recent games, both home and away into my calculation here.

Step 3 - Players To score goals, you need goalscorers. This can get a bit more in depth at this stage, but knowing that a star striker is missing through injury could lean you against a bet, just as knowing that 2 or 3 main defenders are missing could steer you towards a bet. You don't score goals without goalscorers and you don't keep clean sheets with kids at the back. Having a quick look on team websites / twitter etc could be a huge sway in one direction or the other

Step 4 - League Position

Now this is generally one of the last things I consider really. Most of the time I know where a team sits in a league in my head anyway, but this works in two ways. Just because top are playing bottom, don't let that put you off for one. Sometimes people will look at a league table and see that kind of positioning and automatically steer away from the underdog finding the net, but this is where some of the most profitable BTTS sections are in terms of odds, and where you will find the most value. You may know that a side at the bottom are playing a top side who have a Champions League tie coming up, and often, BTTS here can be a better play than a positive asian line, as they've got more chance of nicking a goal, while the bigger side should have the quality regardless of lineup on the day.

Step 5 - Motivation

A huge factor towards the closing stages of the season in particular is motivation. Whether that be escaping the drop or winning a title, teams with added motivation who are known to concede goals when pushing players forwards can be a great little addition to the knowledge bank. But it also works in the same way, sometimes mid-season. If a side have been battered 7-0 the week before, their clear motivation in the next game and their clear point of focus in training that week is going to be in defence. That's how teams improve. A manager will be well aware that getting beaten 7-0 two weeks running in any professional league could be a potential career ending move, so bear in mind that sometimes, a team will be focused and motivated to not see a repeat of their last game, rather than ultimately seeing a repeat of that same result.

Hope this helps you to understand some of my trains of thought when looking at Both Teams to Score selections and helps you to dig out a few winners going forwards!

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