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Over the next few hours we're going to be making some changes on the website to faciliate it a bit of a change in how we do things. The full changes will come into effect tomorrow, but here's what our plans involve...

When we launched InplayMan Premium a few months ago, we always wanted to keep the free side of InplayMan all about having fun and having a few punts responsibly while having a laugh with each other and creating a community along the way. We completely accept though that our focus on getting premium content out means that the free side has somewhat been neglected and we want to make a few changes to how we do things here so that we can offer better quality to all.

From now on, there will be no such thing as us looking for tips for Free OR Premium. Anything that we tip on the free side will have also been tipped on the premium side and the profit/loss from both will be combined into one, with a tick box showing which went where. There will obviously be tips that are exclusively available to premium members, but it means that our tips on the free side will be a more accurate representation of what to expect on the premium side, including all of the associated research. Here’s what we’ll have...

#IPMBetOfTheDay The #IPMBetOfTheDay will still be here, but it will now be one of our premium tips that we’ve hand picked with all of the research included with it. Of the 2-5 pre match researched tips we post on premium every day, one will be chosen and posted on the free page.


The daily double will no longer be picked from bets on The Watchlist, but instead will be picked using some of our Premium Key Stats. You shouldn’t see much change here but might notice a slight deviation from the usual Over 2.5 Goals etc to other kinds of bets included


We know that there’s loads of you out there who like a bit of an acca, whether you’re in free or premium, so every day we’ll be hand picking some of the best stats we have to create a bit of an acca. If you don’t like accas, just don’t bet on them, we’re all entitled to a choice in life! Again, it will be tipped on both sides.

#IPMINPLAY All of the inplay bets that you see on the free side going forward will have been tipped on the premium side as well, but don’t expect loads and loads of them. In general we’ll only be posting 1 or 2 inplay bets per day on the free side with a focus of quality over quantity

But I’m a Premium Member and now you’re telling me I can get all of this for free anyway?

Absolutely not. If you’re a premium member you’ll know we generally post around 3 or 4 pre-match bets per day, only 1 of these will be available on the free side. The same applies for inplays though it will generally be 1 or 2 for them. What this does mean is that we no longer have to produce 2 sets of content every day as the free side will essentially be a smaller / mini version of premium and that means we have more free time to do the important stuff….researching and looking into bets. This means you’re likely to actually see an INCREASE in the content you receive as a premium member, as we’ll have the time and freedom to do that. You will also receive all of the tips before the free side in order to catch the price on something.

What about all the other stuff? We’ll still have Peoples accas, competitions and unrivalled banter...don’t you worry about that. We really think that this is a positive change which will only benefit everyone, us included as it means we get more time and we don’t have to create 2 different sets of stuff every day and try and keep everyone happy.

Here’s a full breakdown of what everyone on Free and Premium will receive:

What you’re also likely to see on the free side is a few more 2 star pre-match bets rather than the standard 3 star BOTD. This is as we tighten up how we stake certain bets. Here’s a full breakdown of what you can expect from each level of our staking plan:


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