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Creating Your Own Asian Lines

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

One of the most common things I get by DM is "my bookie doesn't have Asian Handicap / Goal Line" so I thought I'd write a quick blog article for those of you who are in that boat. Those who use the likes of Skybet / Paddy Power / Betfair might initially feel you're being left out a little bit when you see tips from me and other tipsters on asian lines and you can't get on them, but the truth is that there are ways around this, let me explain...

So this applies to prematch Asian Handicaps only really, inplay gets a touch complicated, but there are still ways around it. Firstly you need to understand what "normal" market each asian line represents. So for example: 0.0 Asian Handicap = Draw No Bet -0.5 Asian Handicap = Win +0.5 Asian Handicap = +1 European Handicap / Double Chance -1.5 Asian Handicap = -1 European Handicap +1.5 Asian Handicap = +2 European Handicap etc

You have to have a basic understanding of those really to know what I'm talking about here. And those are the easy options, On those markets in particular you can basically just back a straight line on a different bookie which is exactly the same bet. But what about those ones that are in between? -1.0 Asian Handicap is a prime example. There is no European market that will give you a refund if your team win by 1 goal and give you a win if your team wins by 2 goals right? Well no, not directly, but it doesn't mean there isn't a way around it... Say someone tips up Arsenal -1.0 Asian Handicap at 2.00 and you want to get on, but you don't have that. Well the easiest way is to take the two lines either side of that line to kind of create your own refund. So in the example of a -1.0 Asian Handicap, you're basically looking at the win market and the -1 European Handicap market. Lets say the win is priced at 1.57, the -1 handicap is 2.75 and the tip you want to follow is to put £10 on the -1.0 Asian Handicap at 2.00. Well here's a bit of maths for ya: STAKE divided by lower line odds = Bet 1 Stake STAKE minus Bet 1 Stake = Bet 2 Stake So in the example I gave above... £10 divided by 1.57 = £6.37 £10 minus £6.37 = £3.63

So if you put £6.37 on Arsenal to win at 1.57 then stick £3.63 on Arsenal -1 European Handicap at 2.75 - you've just created your own -1.0 Asian Handicap line. If Arsenal were to win by 1 goal, your win bet would win, giving you a £10 return, but your -1 handicap would lose, meaning you essentially got a refund.If Arsenal were to win by 2 or more goals, both bets would win and you'd see a return of £19.98, which isn't far off the 2,00 that the -1.0 Asian Handicap was tipped at. Easy right?

You can do the same with other lines as well, and you can do the same with goal line bets. If someone tips Over 3.0 Asian Goal Line and your bookie doesn't cover that, just use the same formula on the Over 2.5 Goals and Over 3.5 Goals markets and create your own goal line. Simple!

People often neglect splitting their stakes like this but it can be a really useful way of manipulating the markets to work in your favour, rather than jumping on a line that is a touch higher than the one you wanted.

Hope it helps you in the future!

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