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"Fixed Matches": The Truth

Updated: May 30, 2022

Does match fixing exist in football? Of course it does and anyone who tells you it doesn't is naive. I've sat there and watched as Latvian teams let a player walk through their defence and the keeper dives in the opposite direction and I've even bet on games as high as the Swedish Superettan before when the result was obvious. But if someone is sending you messages asking you to pay £50 for a fixed match, I will guarantee you now that it's not fixed. They have a very clever scheme for what they do, but just ask yourself, if this was fixed then why would this bloke be selling it to me and not betting on it himself?

The Fix

Firstly let me just talk about fixed matches for a second and give you the low down on how I used to spot them. I don't know if Sergei who plays for a Russian 3rd division side has taken a bung or not, but what I do know is how much money should be on a game on the exchanges. If I take a quick look at the Exchange markets on Betfair now for a random Premier League game, there's a total of £2.2 million matched on the winner, a normal amount really for such a big game. Now if you see £1.5 million matches on a Estonian Esiliiga match, that's not so normal is it? That's one way to see if a game has been fixed or not and there are others such as odds movement using tools like Odds Portal. As much as it's a horrible fact, fixed matches do exist in football and you can spot them once you know what you're looking for. But you're never going to get info from the fixers directly, why would they take such a risk?

The Scammers

Now onto the reason why most of you are here, and that's those blokes who DM you and say, this is a fixed game and you can pay me afterwards. What they do is essentially a pyramid scheme and when you think about it, it's actually quite clever considering none of the information they give out is actually about fixed matches. Someone just sent me something saying Bury vs Barnsley was fixed....I mean come on? Seriously? Games in front of a stadium full of supporters that are televised will never be fixed people, it's too risky for those involved in this day and age. Remember that more than one player has to be bribed to get a fix to land, especially on things like match results and half time / full time markets.

So how do these people predict the games so accurately? I mean, we all know one "fix" that has landed don't we? Well it's easy. Let's take a look at one of the favourite fixes of Half Time / Full Time where there are 9 possible combinations of results:

Home / Away

Home / Draw

Home / Home

Draw / Home

Draw / Draw

Draw / Away

Away / Away

Away / Draw

Away / Home

Now for ease, let's say I message 9 people saying I have a fixed tip. Clever clogs Mr Fixed Tipster will send one of the above to each of those people, meaning he has essentially predicted 9 outcomes to 9 different people. One of those tips will win and that person will then pay him and will probably tell a load of mates to get involved as well. Now instead of 9 people, imagine it's 900 people, then multiply out, so 100 of those win, and they tell 9 people each, and the circle repeats and repeats. And when he runs out of names, he changes the name of his account and starts all over again, and there will still be people parting company with their cash to get on "the fix" that never even existed. Clever right?

So before you part ways with your hard earned cash, just have a think about the credibility of the source here and think to yourself "why is he selling this information to me?". REAL fixes don't exist in the world of social media. If a Singaporean betting syndicate has organised a fix in Latvia, do you really think that the first place they post it is on Facebook? Common sense people! COMMON SENSE!

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