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Inplay Betting Guide

Updated: May 30, 2022

People often ask me, "how do you pick out a bet Inplay". Well the answer to that question is a pretty in depth one to be honest so I thought I'd offer a bit of guidance on how I do it with the hope that it helps you in the long term. Plenty of people out there are sticking bets on random fixtures with not a hope or care in the world, but as I always say, "Bad bets can win, good bets can lose". Hopefully this guide gives you a bit of a deeper look into how I go about picking my Inplay bets.

Instinct This is something you simply can't teach really but instinct is a massive factor. What you have to teach yourself is that there isn't a bet to be had on every game out there. Sometimes the best bet is no bet. Things which generally sway me away from a fixture are a lack of shots if I'm looking for goals, indifferent form if I'm looking at a win or just generally a fixture I know absolutely nothing about and I don't have the tools to find out what I need to know in order to make a decision. You need to be able to look at a fixture and think yes or no straight away. It's impossible to research every game played each day and I only drill into the ones that are worth drilling into. That's really why I use #TheWatchlist along with other tools to give me a head start on these things.

Background Info Just as looking through all of the games that are Inplay now can be one way of finding a bet, knowing what you're looking for beforehand can be a massive advantage. Most of you know that the daily list I post up called #TheWatchlist is essentially my list of bets to keep an eye on but it's important to use this with the information that's available to you Inplay as well. So for example, if I've scouted out a game in the English National League that I think could be good for 2 goals, but the line at Over 2.5 looks a little daunting to back pre-game, I'll wait. If that line reaches Over 1.5, you'll be seeing a tweet coming out with a tip when it does providing there have been a few shots and it's looking like there's attempts to score. Scout through the fixtures in the morning and make a few notes on your phone. Just a general idea of what to be looking for in a game. Here's an example of a format for some notes on your phone. Very basic but a quick reference for later. And I will always add to this throughout the day as more info comes in:

You don't necessarily need to copy my format, make sure it's in a format you will understand at a glance for when the time comes.

Research....QUICK research

When you're betting in-play time is of the essence. Again, I can't teach you really how to research quickly, you need to be able to retain facts and sharpish. Luckily for you, you don't have to remember them and then type them all out on Twitter to thousands of people too. I've got an article up already about research being key which you can READ HERE, and it's definitely worth checking out, but my main tip here is to have all of your tools available to use. So let's say you only have your phone to hand, you've got Bet365 showing the stats, you can have Soccerway open in Safari, you can have the Futbol24 or Flashscores apps downloaded ready to use and you've got Twitter there to check for lineups. Practice practice practice. Pick any game out of a common league and practice getting all the information you need to make an informed decision. If your instinct feels good and the research looks good, assess how confident you are and get your cash down. And if you're mid research and the goal goes in when you were looking at Over 2.5, don't be disheartened and don't go backing Over 3.5 just because it's there. Move on, your opportunity will come eventually.

Knowledge is key!

Trust me, doing the above is possible. I've timed it and I can normally get all the stats I need to make a decision and have a scout over lineups in just under 2 minutes once you know what you're doing, but the more you know, the easier that is. Knowing who the top scorers are for various teams means that when you look at their lineup you can immediately spot him and know if he's there. Or knowing that Al-Sadd in the Qatar Stars league average just under 5.00 goals per game means you can spot that opportunity when it arises. I know we're all busy people, but when I'm tweeting tips I'm doing all of this stuff and most of the time I try to tweet it to you. READ THAT STUFF and let it sink in. You will learn the teams and you will learn the players. The more you know, the better you become!

I hope all of this gives you some idea of my selection process and helps you to make informed decisions when I'm not around. Sometimes it's a tedious job getting all this, but trust me if you follow it then you won't go far wrong!

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