Dear Alexander Lukashenko (An open letter to the president of Belarus)

Dear Mr Lukashenko,

Exactly 45 days ago today my country, the UK, was placed into lockdown. It's been 56 days since I saw live football on my TV. It's been 60 days since a ball was last kicked in the top flight of our domestic leagues. Sure, there are bigger problems in the world right now and lives mean more than football, I think every football fan can accept that. But that doesn't mean it's not been difficult for us without having the sport we love, no, the sport we adore.

The reason I write to you Mr Lukashenko is quite simply to say thank you. When countries around the world slowly started closing down their leagues, the future looked bleak. But on the 19th of March 2020, the Belarusian Premier League went ahead, as planned. Not only did the season kick off, but the season continued. From behind closed doors the likes of BATE Borisov and Dinamo Minsk (not Ruh Brest, you should kick them out of the league for being boring) have entertained us and guided us through a difficult period when we had little to hope for. You have given us 90 minutes away from our annoying families, you've given us goals, you've given us ups and downs, you've given us normality and most importantly you've given us a sense of purpose throughout this whole thing.

Many may question your approach to this pandemic, but I assure you, I'm not one of them. Your interview in which you stated that saunas and vodka will get us through COVID-19 are amongst the most inspiring words I've ever read and I knew from that moment that you were a hero in the making. If I was Belarusian, I would certainly vote for you in any upcoming campaigns.

I want to assure you Mr Lukashenko that this time will never be forgotten. "Real football" may return soon and though I may tune into the Champions League, the Bundesliga, the Chinese Super League and more from time to time, know that the Belarusian Vysshaya Liga will always hold a special place in my heart.

From me, the team here at InplayMan and from the thousands of people around the globe who have tuned into Belarusian football over the last month...thank you Mr Lukashenko. You're a hero and we will never forget the service you provided to the world through these awful times.

Kind Regards




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