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What is Rball?

Updated: May 30, 2022

I thought it was about time I wrote this article as it's one of those things that has been on my mind for years but I've never actually taken the time to do it.

What is Rball?

Firstly, for those of you thinking, "what is he going on about", let me give you a quick run down of what Rball is. See that little picture above? Well that's Rball. It's the little in-play stats thing on every betting website these days which shows you how many attacks, dangerous attacks, shots, how much posession, how many corners, where the ball is on the get me by now surely? It's become a common feature across most betting sites by now, some doing it much better than others and also goes by the name "Rollerball", "Running Ball" or "Rball" for short.

How do the betting companies even know this information?

Well that's easy, they pay a company, called Rball, BetRadar, or someone like them to provide the stats that plugs into their website. This company in turn pays scouts to sit at these matches and record the stats live. Yep, there are actually people sat at these games with a PDA showing where the ball is and when a shot has happened. So you know when it's not recording properly or not showing at all, that's definitely not Bet365 or Skybet's fault. For all we know, Vladimir who was supposed to be watching the Tom Tomsk game has had an uncooked chicken last night and isn't well enough to make the game.

So should I trust the stats? Well it depends really. The one thing you never think about when you're relying on those stats, is that you have absolutely no idea how much trust to put in them. For all you know, Vladimir has had 8 beers and 7 pies at the game and he's now being sick into a stewards hat and pretending like he knows what's going on. What is a dangerous attack anyway? At what point on the pitch is an attack deemed as dangerous? If someone has a shot that's clearly heading on target but a defender performs a worldy of a diving header and picks it out mid-flight, is that a shot on target? The problem is that all of this is subjective and you're relying on the subjectiveness of the individual at the game to make your decisions.

But I've been lumping money on Singaporean Reserve games to have a goal because there has been 97 shots on target...why are you ruining my life? Join the club my friend, loads of people do it. In fact, there's tipsters on Twitter that haven't even got a scooby who half the teams they are betting on even are. They're looking at Vladimir's stats and thinking, yea I'll tell thousands of people to put money on this. I call these boys "Rball Whores". Sure, there's times where the Rball alone is convincing enough to stick cash on, but I don't think I've ever bet more than 1% of my balance on Rball stats alone. Like my "It's all about the research" article says, it's merely a small factor when deciding whether or not to bet. Let's put it this way...'re on the way to the shop to get some milk and some random bloke who you've never met before tells you to stick £100 on a horse in the 3:40 at Kempton. What do you do? You ignore him that's what you do. So how is that any different than ignoring Vladimir's interpretation of the Tom Tomsk game I ask you?'s not!

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