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Updated: May 30, 2022

Have you ever looked at a bet and thought, "mmmm I really fancy the Over 2.5 goals but that price is a bit too short for me"? Well first off, check out my post about value, because you could be reading the situation completely wrong and missing an opportunity, but sometimes its well worth waiting until the game moves inplay and the price to move, rather than backing a line or price that you never really wanted in the first place.

How many times have you logged into Bet365 because you've got 5 minutes on your hands, scouted through every single game until you find one where the Rball (that little thing which tells you how many attacks a team have had) looks a little bit one sided and then had a bet on it? I guarantee there's plenty of you out there who have done this and that's exactly why the bookmakers show you the stats in the first place. If a team has had 30 shots to the other teams' 0 then they are surely worth a bet right? Wrong. But anyway, I've already discussed this before in my Rball article which you can read here if you're interested.

The point of this article is all about timing, and it's letting the bets come to you, rather than you going hunting for bets. This is exactly what I try to do with #TheWatchlist every day. Every morning I look through the fixtures and think to myself, what bet do I want? I completely ignore odds, I'm not bothered about them as I'm not backing these bets now anyway, these are for later. But if you know before the game what line looks great, which team you think are more likely to win or score, how many corners you'd generally expect, then what this does is put the power in your hands later.

If you think a game looks amazing for a first half goal, then what can you really do about it now when it hasn't kicked off? Back Over 0.5 1st half goals at about 1/4? Take the 1.5 line instead for 6/5 knowing that this wasn't the bet you even wanted in the first place? My suggestion is neither. Wait. Let that price come to you, watch that line move to exactly where you want it to be and then pounce. Take nothing more and nothing less and if a goal comes before you could get on, so what? There's plenty more that you have your eye on and there's loads more games to get stuck into tomorrow.

Knowing when to pull the trigger and knowing what you want to bet on before the game has even kicked off is so much more powerful in the betting world than just taking whatever line is on offer at the time you happened to look (unless of course you fancy that line in the first place!).

Try this for a few days. Next time you spot a bet which looks great for Both Teams to Score, don't bet on it. Make a note of them all, set a notification for "Kick Off" on whatever live score service you use and then wait. As soon as Over 1.5 Goals gets to the same price as Both Teams to Score was when you originally looked, back that instead. I can absolutely guarantee you'll make more profit in the long run than just taking that Both Teams to Score line before the game started. Or if you really fancy that Both Teams to Score, wait 10 minutes then back it and you'll be surprised how much the price has moved when only 10 minutes of the game have been played! The benefit you also gain here, is that if both sides are missing their top strikers, you're more likely to know about it as the game kicks off than you are at 8AM or whenever.

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