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Who are TTG? : The Truth

Firstly, if you don't know who TTG are by me just saying TTG, you're in the wrong place. I won't be giving their actual name here, because they don't deserve that kind of advertisement to be honest. I suppose me posting this does give them some attention, but I've got nothing to lose at this point really, so let's get stuck into the little cretins.

I've been stuck between a rock and a hard place over the past couple of years because I couldn't actually reply to any of their bullshit on Twitter due to the fact that me doing so gives them an audience and a voice, which is exactly what they wanted all along really. But now with the services here coming to an end, let me take a moment to address some of the claims they've posted on Twitter over the years.

Let me start by saying that my intention with all of this has never been to become some sort of millionaire. I've been able to do something that I love, help people with the guides, raise money for charities that are close to me, meet some incredible people along the way, and all while earning enough money to call it a job, which was always my dream. To suggest anything other is ludicrous. I've always been open and honest with people, I've always had people who are paying me for my services at the heart of every decision I've made, but of course, you wouldn't think that would you reading the TTG timeline. Having been offered a healthy redundancy from my previous role, I had enough cash to give something a go, having spent the previous 7 years building an audience that allowed me that fortunate position. I'm entirely grateful for being allowed that opportunity and went into it not as a cash cow of some sort, but to do something I love, but also make a living off it, something I believe that despite my pending departure, I have achieved and am immensely proud of myself for doing.

TTG are a team of bandits known as Fred, Stan, Paul and Rich. Now a while back Fred started "tracking" the results of InplayMan. He sent them over to me, innocent enough and fair enough. I pointed out that he'd missed a fair few tips and also duplicated a fair few losses, and that if your sole job was to ensure accurate tracking of tipsters, you had to ensure that the data itself was accurate, a fair enough reply I thought. This happened again, and again, and again. In steps TTG who piggyback on these numbers (a phrase that will become even funnier in a few paragraphs time). I pointed out that these numbers were not accurate and even highlighted all of the mistakes. They continued to post them and I, genuinely livid because they were posting knowingly incorrect numbers, got angry and said a few words - some of which were regrettable. They continued to post these numbers. They continued sharing them across various posts and tagging me, despite the fact that I have never, and I repeat never, seen accurate work from them. I raised these concerns with their grand master flash, Rich which he acknowledged and yet never once posted an apology or a correction, and then they carried on the next month posting complete garbage numbers.

Getting slightly annoyed by this point, I was approached by one of my followers, a lad named Andrew. He'd (off his own back might I add) started his own website which had purposely posted completely and utterly false information about me just so he could infiltrate the TTG network. All sounded very stealth to me, and I didn't really want to get involved, but what followed was Andrew telling them I had some sort of scheme called "Piggybacking" - a completely made up scheme that involved some complicated releationship with the bookmakers themselves. TTG of course shared this information with all of their (small number to be fair) followers, despite it being completely unverified and well, actually impossible from a technical standpoint. But it did get Andrew into their chat group where they talked about all their seedy little plans and ideas. It was in here where Stan, one of the members of TTG used the phrase "Matt (me) is an aboslute c**t and I will do anything to bring him down" - strong words from an "independent" review service.

Once all this had been announced, the reviews kind of stopped for a while really. Well, it was partly because of that, but it was also because I'd hit my most profitable period of any point while running the InplayMan service, and that didn't fit the rhetoric. A run of 7 straight profitable months delivering over 300pts profit doesn't really sell newspapers and create followers for a review site - although they will probably refute those numbers despite having absolutely no record of them, so things went quiet, of course they did. Rest assured though, a bad month followed (they happen from time to time), and so did the reviews my friends. They were back with a bang, but now there was a new plan. If the numbers don't work, we'll make them work. A series of picking and choosing which bets to include and which bets not to include was back once more, and even in months where a consistent profit was delivered, the outlook at TTG was of course bleak, because that's what gets you followers! And of course, my numbers don't match their numbers - why I hear you ask? Well because my numbers include every tip I post anywhere on the internet, because that's called accurate tracking, and theirs include the bets which best help them to "bring him down" because "Matt's an absolute c**t" remember. I received replies like "You can't include podcast bets" or "You can't include oddschecker bets" or whatever. My tracking includes every single thing I tip. EVERYTHING. If you don't listen to the podcast one week, if you don't back the BOTD one day, yours will differ. That's how it works. I, track, EVERYTHING. It's my job to do that and picking and choosing what you back is YOUR call, not mine. But if you're in any way reporting on those numbers, you HAVE to track everything, you HAVE to report on everything, because you just made that your job as well.

Now there will be a victory claimed here, there probably already has been to be honest and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. There will be claims that "we brought down InplayMan, the virus of Twitter" - when in fact, it's nothing of the sort. I would happily carry on this service and admire their work from afar (that's sarcasm), but the only reason I'm calling it a day is because I have a new job. Their account very rarely gets more than 2 or 3 likes on most of their posts these days because most people are well aware of their antics by now. I've seen that they've since told all of their followers that I'm no longer running Premium but still charging people, something which simply isn't the case. Again, I'm running Premium until the end of the year and will continue to see out remaining memberships to make sure everyone gets a fair end to the service. It's nice to see the form is strong though. There won't be any correction or apology for that though. They won't take it back from the people who have already seen it. That's how it works see? There's no punishment for them for retweeting or promoting accounts who post completely false information. They'll do that because it gains a bit of traction and attention and even if they delete it after a mistake, there's no correction or clarification, because after all, there's no accountability.

Are there absolutely disgraceful tipsters on Twitter? Yes there are, but here's a lesson to take forwards in the future for you. Not everyone has genuine intentions, whether that be a tipster, or a reviewer. I may have been many things in my time across these platforms over the years, but I've always remained true to my word and my morals. This should give you some idea of the lengths that someone will go to in order to fulfill some sense of self-worth, and just because someone says something on Twitter, doesn't mean that it's true in the slightest. I'm sure they will find a new target after this and there will still be people who believe their utter bullshit. You will never see them shout about decent tipsters, you will never see praise, you will simply see four bitter and sad little men continue to try and feel important in their lives by attempting to tarnish and destroy the lives of others, something which with their limited following and interaction that must get really, really difficult at times.

If you want a genuine look about what people think of the InplayMan service, and not a skewed view, then just read some of the incredible comments on my farewell posts and make your own mind up. And in future, before following a tipster, do your own homework, don't trust that of someone else, as you never know their true intentions. Following a service without backing stuff for a few weeks will soon give you some idea of what you can expect from them.

The funny thing is, this one post will get more reads on my website than they have entire followers on Twitter. Embarrassing really. They will continue to "fight the good fight" and "call out scammers" but the bottomless truth is this - they call out people they don't like, and they go hard at it. Will they accept this criticism? Of course not, they'll deny every aspect of it. They'll make claim after claim, demand after demand for what THEY deem is a pefect way of tipping and unless anyone follows those rules, well, you're a disgrace. In reality, tipping, betting, statting, is whatever YOU want it to be, not them. And if they call out asking for this, or that, to prove or disprove their theories, ask them for a copy of their "chat group" where they discuss "bringing down" tipsters - they won't post that either - it's not good for business. The fact is that this very account which claims to hold such high standards in the tipping world is nothing more than a circle of vultures that is not in any way trying to "warn people about the most devious accounts out there" but is insteady cosying up to those they like, and posting nothing but lies about those they don't, because it's what sells their account.

What are they up to these days? Well, like a Sister Sister reunion lets have a look at it? RichOnWork started the whole thing, but he's got a hands off approach these days really. He's trading crypto despite being 10 years too late to the party and keeps saying things like "OMG #SHIBA is going to the moon" on Twitter. The bloke's in his 50's I reckon and posts photos of cocktails and lamborghini's on his insta. Sad. Stan at one point packed it in this whole review lark. Not sure if he's still going but he generally posts things from Piers Morgan anyway. Fred, he's still learning to count as far as I'm aware. Been a rough period for that lad and last time I took the piss he nearly cried so will leave him alone. Paul, pretty sure he's a nonce but I daren't make accusations with no proof. Either way, this account continues to thrieve with around about 7 likes per week despite a plethora of employees, but this is the truth, this is the truth about....nah still not going to give the actual account name and give them any undeserved attention.

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