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Terms & Conditions

By registering with InplayMan Premium you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Payments & Cancellations

  • Payments for our £10 per month plan are automatically collected every month on the same date to the value of £10. It is your responsibility to cancel the recurring payment if you no longer wish to be a member of InplayMan Premium

  • Payments for our £50 for 6 months plan are not recurring. If you want to continue to be a member after your 6 month period has expired, you will need to sign up again via the Plans and Pricing section of our site

  • If you sign up at a promotional rate, you agree that from the following month, the payment value will revert to the standard fee of £10 per month

  • Upon cancelling your recurring payment, you will be automatically removed from your website login and from the Premium telegram channel upon the completion of your current month which has already been paid for

  • If for any reason payment cannot be collected for a specific month, you will be removed from the website login and as a member of the Premium telegram channel immediately.  If payment is subsequently processed, you will be added back as a member of the website and to the telegram channel

  • By signing up to InplayMan Premium, you agree to the current subscription fee. This may be modified from time to time and in the event that the amount you need to pay is increasing, you will be notified in advance and will need to cancel your current payment if you are not happy with the increase in fees

  • Payments are processed by Paypal and will appear as "Paypal *INPLAYMAN"on your bank statement

  • In the event that you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so by contacting 

  • We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time

Content / Tips

  • InplayMan makes no guarantee in terms of profit from the tips. By the very nature of betting, not all months can produce a positive ROI and by signing up you agree that no disputes can be made on your subscription fee even if the month for which you registered does not produce a profit

  • Tips may not be posted every day due to other commitments, and you accept by signing up to InplayMan Premium that there may be days where content may not be available from time to time.  We do however guarantee that content will be provided for at least 20 days in a 31 day month, 19 days in a 30 day month, 18 days in a 29 day month and 17 days in a 28 day month

  • On days where the football being played does not warrant a bet, the best decision can often be not to bet. In these instances where every intention was made to provide content but it was not for the benefit of you, the customer, this will not count towards the requirement above.

  • If for some reason you are unable to access the telegram channel and are not able to see the bets there, InplayMan is not responsible for this access

Support / Request Feature

  • InplayMan will always commit to answering questions and requests that form part of the service in a timely manner, but due to differing time zones, this may not always be immediately. We commit to answering all queries to and via the InplayManPremium DM feature within 24 hours

Promotional Rates

  • From time to time, InplayMan may offer sign up promotions to new members. These offers are available to new registrants only and anyone found to be cancelling their current membership to gain an advantage from promotional rates will not be accepted and their subscription will be cancelled and funds returned as a result

Abuse Policy

  • InplayMan Premium will not tolerate sexism, racism or any form of abuse on our channels.  We reserve the right at any time to revoke membership with no refund for customers found to be abusive in any way

  • InplayMan Premium will work on a yellow card / red card system whereby serious abuse will be deemed as a red card and resulting in the immediate cancellation of membership with no refunds. Yellow cards can be issued as a warning and two of these warnings within any given month will result in the immediate cancellation of membership with no refunds

  • Anyone found to be sharing information from the paid Premium service to other channels will be issued a red card, have their membership revoked immediately and no refunds will be issued


  • InplayMan and InplayMan Premium is not regulated or licensed by any official gambling body and has no commercial relationship with any bookmakers 

Your Personal Details

  • The personal information you provide to InplayMan upon registration will only be used as detailed in our privacy policy and in line with GDPR regulation

  • Upon registering with InplayMan Premium, you will be given a login to the members section of the website. It is your responsibility to keep those details secure. If you feel your data is not secure, contact

  • Upon registering with InplayMan Premium, you will have access to a Premium telegram channel. InplayMan and other members may be able to see your phone number from this group. We have no control over this and it is your repsonsibility to keep your data safe

Responsible Gambling

  • At InplayMan we pride ourselves on being a responsible tipster. If we are led to believe or made aware that you have a gambling problem, we reserve the right to suspend your membership for your own protection. We will endeavour to do our best to put you in touch with services that can assist you, but part of that protection means that we may remove you from the service in order to protect you. No refunds will be issued in these instances except in rare circumstances.

Third Party Websites

  • InplayMan is not responsible for any third party website content linking to or featuring content from the InplayMan website. Any links to third parties are for information only and as such should not be interpreted as approved by InplayMan

Site Access

  • We reserve the right to modify, change, substitute or remove your membership without notice OR we will try to provide reasonable notice of any major changes

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